Making Sense of Work with Jean Balfour

Ep. #28 Being your Unique Self with Andy Woodfield

August 10, 2022 Jean Balfour - Master Certified Coach, Speaker Season 1 Episode 28
Making Sense of Work with Jean Balfour
Ep. #28 Being your Unique Self with Andy Woodfield
Show Notes

Andy and Jean talk about strengths in our working lives. They cover

  • The importance of assuming positive intent in others 
  • Living our strengths at work
  • How we can be distinctive at work
  • How strengths overplayed can become weaknesses
  • The importance of taking a breathe moment

Andy is the PwC Global Sector Leaders for International Development and the PwC

Global Client Partner for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). He and his teams are committed to unlocking the full power of the PwC network globally to support the collective efforts of the International Development / Global Development sector.

Andy has been focused on the International Development market for over 12 years.

Alongside his client role, in 2018 he took on a two year cycle of experience leading the PwC UK Sales and Marketing function as the firm's first UK Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. And this led him to be awarded Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Marketing (FCIM) status, he is also a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute (CCMI).

Andy is a regular public speaker, usually focusing on strengths based development, innovation, diversity, and inclusion. He has given two TED Talks and has also spoken on Gender Equality at the United Nations HQ in New York. 

Most recently Andy published his first book This is your Moment in which he provides a practical guide to those of us who are in transitions on how prepare for and sustain themselves for a more uncertain future.

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