Making Sense of Work with Jean Balfour

Ep. #32. Having a Mentor Matters with Louise Tagliante

September 09, 2022 Jean Balfour Season 1 Episode 32
Making Sense of Work with Jean Balfour
Ep. #32. Having a Mentor Matters with Louise Tagliante
Show Notes

Jean is joined by Louise Tagliante 

Louise and Jean talk about

  • The wide impact a mentoring programme has in an organisation
  • How to reinvent yourself when hit a career roadblock
  • What a well structured and impactful mentoring programme includes
  • The slow progress we are making on gender parity and the role mentoring plays
  • How setbacks often help us to learn to ask for help

Louise Tagliante is Managing Director & Founder of Differentiate – owner of Protégé-Business Mentoring

Driven by her Purpose, “Live YOUR Passion, Live YOUR Life”, Louise encourages young business professionals to live a life of purpose, passion and meaning by making choices that often challenge their beliefs, values and culture, while effectively managing the expectations of others.

Through Protégé Business Mentoring She has built a learning and collaborative community for mentors and coaches, enhancing their leadership skills, their ability to generously support others and creating opportunities to ‘pay-it forward’ for the next generation of leaders. 

Her entrepreneurial approach to business is founded on more than 30 years corporate experience in the financial services sector, having worked both globally and regionally in senior leadership roles.

Prior to founding Differentiate in 2006, she designed and launched the Visa Business School across all countries in Asia Pacific and headed the ABN AMRO Asia Pacific Training Academy.

 She created Protégé-Business Mentoring in 2011 to support new leaders to find their own voice and ensure they have a ‘seat at the table’.

 In addition to having been a leadership coach and consultant with organisations such as INSEAD, CORE Leadership Institute and Harvard Business School, she was the first in Asia Pacific to become an accredited Coaching Supervisor.

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